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Decebal Popa


I am a programmer with experience in media (online, print), events management, travel and open source technologies, working randomly in these fields for the last 10 years. I am fluent in english, having basic knowledge of french and italian, my native language being romanian.

Work experience

For the last 4 years and still counting i am a freelancer in web architecture and development, participating in various projects.

1998 - present

Member of alpine club Carpatic, participating in organizing mountain adventures and trails.

2005 - 2007

Colaborate with few travel agencies on management of business growth. PR exec

Presentation websites (Html, Css, PHP, Sql) Organizing events and tours for product release and networking


Teambuilding manager (PR exec) with Topteambuilding

contract negotiator and direct working with international organizations. ,outdoor activities providers (kayak, rafting, zip-line, guides) along with hotels and transportation. managing big databases of touristic service providers mainly romanians, italians and bulgarians.


Parfait Roumanie - small web agency took birth, first product being a national travel magazine.

Project manager on Faraway magazine

Responsibilities: informations gathering, data mining, logistics, translating, the main domains being fashion, cosmetics and leisure industries.


UI/UX design, web oriented server side programming, writing blog engines, CMSs, frontends/backends, personalized web apps from scratch.

Small web networks starting with Apache, PHP and MySql those days, gaining basic knowledge on these technologies, moving slowly to UI/UX design where i stayed from since.

now i am fully focusing on programming and UI/UX design, integrating both in various applications, Haskell1 being the main language, Html2, Css3, JS4, along with databases like MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch not being foreign.

more than 15000 hours of active coding in different environments starting with basic Wordpress5, Html, Css for theme development moving to the core with PHP6 continuing with some development with and for Indexhibit, Cargocollective community and Stacey. collecting XML7 and JSON8 data, moving towards data mining with earthquakes, weather and volcanoes jumping to different APIs like Github, DarkSky integrating coding in visual arts with Processing and Pure Data helped by Arduino microcontroller. touching Haskell and it's community, staying with it and learning programming. introduction to MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch. started to share code and make use of Git and Mercurial. Also, there is no lack on knowing other version control systems like Darcs. Developing technologies for writing and quick blogging. Embedding Markdown parsers and teaching Markdown.

Data mining and visualization with high level API's (geo data, meteo, social networks, Haskell, Javascript, D3.js, chart.js, Google maps, CSV, databases)


worked in economic - fundraising department in CREDIDAM, the Romanian Center for Performing Artists

late 2013

started with NodeJs

Mongodb, redis, jade, system check automation


fullstack developer in online marketing at Mediageckos

full funnel creation and detection visitors/customers tracking SEO, Google analytics, custom analytics redirect SAS creation Html, Css, PHP, Haskell, csv, json, xml, mySql


fullstack developer at Code11

NodeJs, AngularJs, Bunyan, MongoDb FB, Vine, Twitter APIs

2015 - present

frontent developer at BPO Consulting

AngulaJs, Cq5, Dojo

Related work

Small REST API just to demonstrate my Haskell skills. The engine is written in pure Haskell and on some calls like "new/123" it returns some status true or false. It is also user-fault proof, you can not enter letters instead of numbers and so on. For more please write me as i am working on improving it.

Written in pure haskell, designed for a tic-tac-toe game server-side, deployed over Heroku using git.

This very CV is a Haskell markdown interpreter using Discount for doing this.

Vanilinated-todo is a plain javascript implementation of a todo list using local storage for persistance.


Edmond Nicolau Technical College - Bucharest, graduated with Electronist Technician degree.

Dimitrie Cantemir University - Bucharest, Touristic and Commercial Management.

Known technologies

Processing, Pure Data, Haskell, Github, Git, Arduino.

[BPO Consulting] :

  1. Haskell: Web applications programming with integrated HTML, CSS and Javascript apps.

  2. Html: Web architecture from scratch.

  3. Css: Website design, responsive and simple, focusing on cross browser and cross devices aspect. (Less,Sass,Clay,Stylus)

  4. Javascript: Implementing plugins, maps, web frameworks. Keeping it simple! (Angular,Chart,Jquery)

  5. Wordpress: Theme development, plugin interaction

  6. PHP: Beginner+ level mostly around frameworks like Wordpress, Indexhibit, Stacey and Cargo.

  7. XML: Good understanding of this cross servers technology, building parsers and interpreters, making usage of collected data.

  8. JSON: Knowledge on this native Javascript data format, building parsers and interpreters.